About Us

Roots - The Gin Box

The Gin Box came from a love for gin and a little old horsebox converted into a mobile gin bar back in 2012.

We attended small festivals and private events offering top quality Gin & Tonics to the masses and showcasing great gins from around the world that we loved to drink ourselves. 

Since then, the world of gin has continued to grow and the options within the gin market are more varied, challenging and fantastic than ever before. We would frequently be asked by our customers where they could buy the wonderful gins that we stocked, always thinking that we would love to provide a simple channel for people to purchase great gin. 

So at the end of 2014 we embarked on The Gin Box Shop, an online commerce entity full of quality information and a curated choice selection of gin...

Present day - Online / Off Licence / Tasting Room

Following the saturation and competitive nature of online commerce..We're now open for business as a local late night off-licence in our home town Tunbridge Wells and we're not shy to let you taste our collection!Whilst we find our feet, we'll be officially open Saturday's 10-4, but throughout the week we'll have a video doorbell waiting for your call. Just ring the buzzer & we'll come down to entertain your personal gin requirements.We thrive on tasting, talking and selling gin. It's what we will continue to do. Developing and offering new innovative products like this Monthly Gin Box subscription keeps us excited about gin and enables both, us and  you, to try more gins from the talented world of distillers out there.  As the year unfolds we intend to extend our weekday opening hours into the evening so you can pick up a few late night samples to take home with you.The tasting room is still in the process of decoration but when its done, you'll be able to book in for small private sessions and learn all about blending, mixology, gin cocktails or just take a journey with us through the basics - Watch this space!

  1. Alastair & Bob
  2. Founders of The Gin Box


We're also concerned about our environmental footprint. We have been phasing out the use of plastic wherever we can, and have been developing new ideas to assist you in how you deal with packaging from us. You can read all about our packaging considerations and suggestions for their re-use on our recycling page.

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